Media Room

We believe sound and video is the most critical part of service. We along with our professional worship team set the tone of the entire service. We believe if we are personally moved by the Holy Spirit, the congregation will also be deeply moved by our worship.

We have a staff of 5 gifted people that share a vision of ministry through the Holy Spirit using multimedia for the Holy Spirit.

We are in the process of migrating from analog to digital equipment which has already expanded our possibilities of extending our ministry for Christ. We started with the new Midas M32 Live mixer with a total of 96 inputs and outputs. It doubles as a Live Performance mixer and a 32 channel Pro Recording Studio with 126 Gig of onboard storage. Having a digital mixer has given our worship team an In Ear Monitor System to customize their own monitor mix using their mobile phones and a new breed of an affordable wireless monitor system . We also installed the Midas Stage box that gives us a multitude of stage configurations using our new recessed mic plug boxes.

We converted our video department from analog to digital. This eliminated a rats nest of troublesome wiring and given us the ability to run multiple video screens and monitors in the sanctuary and throughout the building.

Our final stage to update our sound system is now underway. Our media advisor has connections with the Electro Voice Sound Systems engineers and was able to submit the architectural drawings to design a custom stereo speaker system using 2 vertical arrays and a subwoofer at no cost.

God has certainly blessed us with new equipment that will allow us to spread his message worldwide. We have redesigned our church webpage and include a message archive. Checking the website stats we are amazed at how many people worldwide are browsing the message archive and have told us how important the availability of the pastor’s messages are to them.

Media Advisor: Psalm 100:2 Sing joyfully to God, all the earth: serve ye the Lord with gladness. Come in before his presence with exceeding great joy. Music has been the number one love in my life ever since I was 5 years old. Little did I know the Holy Spirit was going to bless me with 40 years of Sound Engineering in Television, Christian Radio, Recording Studios, and Sound Engineering for some of the most recognized Contemporary Christian singers. Nothing excites me more when I am Engineering than when the Holy Spirit moves through an entire venue forcing people to their knees and standing in praise and worship of Christ. I get the biggest goose bumps. I serve to make a joyful noise. Praise God! – Jim Borgman

Video Engineer: I initially took the job in the video department simply because there was a need for someone to step up and do it. But shortly thereafter I realized that it wasn’t just a “job that needed doing” but by doing it with excellence meant that I could enhance other people’s worship experience and help them enter into what the Holy Spirit is doing during worship. I really miss being able to join into worship in the corporate sense, but this job has become, for me, an act of worship to the Lord. “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;” Co 3:23. This job in the video department is not without its difficulties and challenges but I can honestly say it is a pleasure for me to serve the Lord in this way. – Wade D. Sadlier