Men’s Ministries

Every Wednesday 6:00pm-7:00pm

Reaching up to God
Reaching out  to men
Reaching into families

The Concept:
Recreating the image of a Godly man by 
restoring men to God, family, church and community.

The Opportunity:
​Northern Idaho’s men.

The Potential:
A great awakening.

Men’s Retreat Video

“Spiritual Warfare” by Dr. Ed Murphy

Join Pastor Bill Henshaw as we study the remarkable, comprehensive, and eye-opening guide to all dimensions of the spiritual battle.

Handbook for Spiritual Warfare starts from the beginning and builds a sound foundation for spiritual warfare, but it also manages to execute, in very realistic and practical terms, how this understanding manifests and applies to the life of the modern believer, the life of the Church, and the lives of Christian leaders.

Indeed, as any mature Christian is fully aware, the spiritual realm is very real and is to be taken very seriously. This may seem obvious, yet spiritual warfare is often neglected in mainstream Christianity and is even largely ignored in some institutions of higher theological education.