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Filling the needs of today’s women, we offer a Bible study every Wednesday night at 6 PM! Beginning March 31st we begin a new study by author Lisa Bevere.

The Bait of Satan

The Bait of Satan exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God—offense. Most people who are ensnared by the bait of Satan don’t even realize it. John Bevere shows you how to stay free from offense and escape the victim mentality. With nearly one million copies in print, this book includes testimonials of transformed people whose lives have been changed by the message in this book. You will find answers to tough questions like these:

  • Why am I compelled to tell “my side” of the story?
  • How can I fight thoughts of suspicion or distrust?
  • What can I do to stop rehearsing past hurts?
  • How can I regain trust after someone deeply offends me?

Sandy Sexton | 208-262-1283

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